We are a non-profit organization created to facilitate the building of tiny homes for those on Whidbey Island who have been unable to obtain affordable housing.  We are a 501c3 charity formed by members of our local Christian congregations and our community.

Not all of us can do great things but all of us can do small things with great love.

-Mother Teresa

THINC Board Members

Coyla Shepard

Coyla is the visionary behind THINC.

Volunteering has always brought Coyla great joy. She feels real gratification in seeing how together we all can make a difference in another's situation.

After moving to Whidbey in 2007, she served in the Soup Kitchen and later in the Hub, the free after school program for teens. It was there that she met three boys who were soon to be homeless with their widowed mother.

Coyla helped move them to the Island Church building (her church affiliation), where they stayed for three months. Together, this widow and Coyla went to the first meeting regarding the homeless crisis in South Whidbey. Soon after, she joined the newly formed South Whidbey Homeless Coalition (SWHC) as a Board Member who chaired the Housing Committee.

Since the SWHC has secured the House of Hope for families in transition, the need for affordable housing has continued to grow here on South Whidbey. This urgent need inspired Coyla to resign from the SWHC to pursue more affordable housing, and thus created Tiny Houses In The Name Of Christ  (THINC.)

Eileen Harper

Eileen is our Board Secretary.

Eileen’s two children both had serious health issues which required much of her time and energy. They are now adults and both thriving. She feels the need to give back to thank God who helped her make it through her rough times. She’s decided to get involved to help those who struggle with challenging issues that adversely affect their lives.

She feels inspired to help as, according to Luke 12:48, to whom much was given, much will be required. Eileen has been fortunate in her life to always have adequate food, clothing and housing. She believes that those who lack such basic securities need our commitment to help them improve their lives and gain dignity.

She says she is not particularly talented in building or construction, but is a good organizer and planner who is detail oriented so she is sharing her organizing skills to help with the THINC project. She attends St. Hubert's Catholic Church in Langley.

The following quote is an inspiration to Eileen:
The greatest mistake is to do nothing because you can only do a little. Give what you can and do it together. Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.

Maralie Johnson

Maralie is our Board Treasurer.

She has lived on Whidbey Island for 14 years and attends St. Hubert’s Catholic Church in Langley. She has been concerned about housing homeless people for many years. She and her mother bought an RV for a family of six several years ago. The family was going to split up the marriage in order to get housing in Everett. There were no services for them on Whidbey. Since that time Maralie remodeled her garage for a friend who was going to be homeless. Her friend's income was not enough to support local rental rates.

She believes the Lord cares about people in need and expects us to use the skills we have to help others.



Dave Park

Dave plans to utilize his building and construction skills with THINC. He moved to Whidbey Island three years ago. He became interested in construction working with his grandfather who built his own home.

His building experience includes building two homes and remodeling several others. He has worked for a printing company doing construction and facility maintenance and with Habitat for Humanity and Central Whidbey Hearts and Hammers.

Dave is a member of Trinity Lutheran Church in Freeland.



Leah Leise-Lundy

Leah attends Calvary Chapel Whidbey Island where she and her husband lead the Junior High youth ministry. Calvary Chapel is located on French Road in Clinton.

In addition to youth ministry, she and her family have been serving alongside others in Calvary’s homeless outreach (Search and Rescue) since early 2016.

Leah also works at the Pregnancy Care Clinic in Langley as a Client Services Director.

Leah feels compelled to share God's love and give testimony to the hope that is in us for  . . . those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.  -Isaiah 40:31

Adam Breedlove

Adam is owner and operator of Breedlove Construction and a third generation resident of South Whidbey.  Adam has been on several short term mission trips and is involved in other community outreach organizations.  He has been a member of South Whidbey Assembly of God for fifteen years and has a desire to show the love of Jesus Christ through servicing others.  Along with being a member of the THINC Board he has offered to mentor others during our building phase


Minister Tammy Johnson WEB Admin.

Minister, Wife, Mother, and Encourager.A resident of Whidbey Island since 2007 when brought here via the U.S. Navy.Who has a heart of servitude and advocate to combat homelessness by standing in the gap as a voice for those by lending her story and her skills, Proverbs 18:16 don't fight to be accepted walk in your gifting and let God position you where he wants you...