722 Camano Ave

Good News!

On Oct 24,2018 Thinc purchased this property at 722 Camano Ave in Langley, Wa. Just blocks away from the city center. It comes with 1/3 acre on which to build 6 tiny rental houses.. our priority is to provide affordable, workforce housing.

The back alley will provide off-street parking for this tiny house community. Only the existing house will show from the main street.

This spacious house will provide room for a large family needing affordable rent.

The daylight, walk-out basement will be made into a community meeting and event room with a full kitchen, washers/dryers, and bathrooms. By installing a ductless heating/air conditioning unit in the main house, we can remove the ductwork from the basement and install a ceiling.

Estimates for the new roof and repairs to the house will be about $30,000. This is a local nonprofit, grassroots project. Your help will make this possible.

Donations can be made to:


PO Box 975

Langley, Wa. 98260