Who is involved in THINC?

Our local Christian congregations will take the lead in providing volunteers and resources.

Each church will have a member on the board that will report back to their congregations as well as head up a support committee in their church.

Church members would enlist people to help mentor and provide needed skills to the residents.

Each church would bring volunteers and resources together to construct one tiny house.

A plaque on each house would display the donor church’s name.

Where will tiny houses be built?

The City of Langley has made providing affordable housing a priority.

THINC is looking for a parcel in Langley on city sewer and water.

Our prayer is for a donation of land on which to build 5-12 tiny houses plus a meeting house with a kitchen and laundry room.

This community would be named in recognition of the land donor. Example – Smith Park.

When will building begin?

Our federal government  granted THINC a 501c3 non-profit status, which means all donations are tax-deductable.

Washington State has granted THINC non-profit status and recognizes us as a public charity as well.

Our plan is to begin building as soon as we get a donation of property or purchase property and complete the permit documents for building the houses.

How will this work?

An application and interview process will be required.

Rent will be on a sliding scale.

Rent collected will be used to pay utility bills, taxes, insurance and maintenance fees.

One utility hookup will exist for the entire community.

Insurance policy will be in place to cover the community.

Weekly community meetings will be required for all residents.

Approving Tenants

Applicant must already be living on Whidbey Island.

Background checks and 3 local references will be required.

An interview with members from the neighborhood and the THINC Board will be scheduled.

Must be in agreement to and sign the good neighbor policy.

Agree to respect the quiet hours from 10:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m.

Must pass a 1 month trial period to see that new tenant abides by the rules and respects others.

Each tenant will have a mentor assigned to them to assist with needs that may arise.

Lease agreements and income status will be re-evaluated at the end of 1 year to see if the tenant still qualifies.



Resident Referral Sources

THINC will be listed with the following agencies:

Island County Housing Support Center

Whidbey Homeless Coalition

Good Cheer Food Bank

Helping Hand of South Whidbey

and our local churches.